The WEAREDLAX GRAN FONDO DAVID DE LA CRUZ is a cyclist tour registered in the Federació Catalana de Ciclisme (FCC) and is within the calendar and cycling circuit of this federation. The organization is run by the Club Ciclista Palafrugell and, like all marches or Gran Fondo Cicloturista, it has the classification of a "non-competitive ride". The WEAREDLAX will travel on roads of the Costa Brava (Girona) in which its participants (who through the registration are subject to the federative and particular regulations) will pass through duly signposted roads respecting all the signal and traffic regulations, as it is an event open to traffic. All cyclists must obey traffic laws at all times.

1.Particular Regulations, Safety and Health

Art 1. Participants are committed at all times to comply with the current regulations on road traffic, respecting the traffic signs and regulations, as well as the instructions of the Security Bodies that intervene in addition to the Volunteer and Civil Protection teams. The route will be duly marked with personalized indications of the event.

Art 2. The use of a helmet is obligatory (we recommend the use of gloves in case of a fall).

Art 3. LThe organization will have volunteer-participants within the ride capsule, in addition to being assisted by the Security Bodies (Mossos d'Esquadra and Servei Català de Trànsit). All of them will have the power to admonish and, in serious case, to expel from the event those participants who:

  • Do not respect the indications of the Security Bodies and volunteers.
  • Do not respect the code and traffic regulations.
  • Practice or have inappropriate behaviours such as: bad practices in the circulation that endanger the participants, vehicles and pedestrians, or lack of care for the environment, throwing wrappings or trash on the public roads throughout of the ride itinerary generating a negative impact on the environment itself and a bad image of our sport and collective.

Noncompliance by participants with these rules will incur the following possible actions:

  1. Disqualification of the ride, losing any type of right in it (supplies, assistance, gifts as Finisher of the event, etc.)
  2. The right of admission in future editions will be assessed.
  3. Admonishments or sanctions established by the Security Bodies that assist and ensure the proper functioning of the event and the safety of its participants.

Art 4. Responsibility

  1. The organization will not be responsible for the responsibilities arising from any accident resulting from participation in the event outside the organization itself.
  2. The disappearance, loss or theft of bicycles or material will only be the responsibility of the participant, exonerating the organization from any responsibility for which it is not responsible.
  3. The holders of the event and organization have reserved the right of admission to it.

Art 5. The organization RECOMMENDS to all participants the use of the OFFICIAL JERSEY of the event. The uniformity will allow the group of volunteers and Security Bodies to easily identify the participants and, in this way, provide them with better coverage. It will also be a real luxury to see travel and move to the blue tide of WEAREDLAX!

Art 6. The WEAREDLAX includes three routes with difficulties ranging from low or medium to high: short route (123 km), medium route (172 km) and long route (221 km). The organization recommends all the participants a level of physical fitness suitable for sports and thus be able to enjoy the event with total guarantees.

Art 7. The use of electric bicycles or motorized  devices is allowed.

2. Registration and Services to the Participant. Insurance and Coverage

Art 8. Registration in the WEAREDLAX offers each participant a Welcome Pack that includes:

  1. Exclusive jersey of the event (It is recommended to consult the web section "your jersey" and verify the appropriate size of the participant before requesting it in the registration form. In this section you can find the different sizes of the jersey). Changes or claims for wrongly chosen size will not be accepted.
  2. Bib numbers and safety pins.
  3. Wristband accrediting the participant that provides coverage and the services of:
    • Feed zones.
    • Mechanical assistance (only repairs during the route and materials by the participant). The organization recommends that the participants take with them the necessary material for small breakdowns and punctures, as well as supervision of the good condition of their bicycle.
    • Services and medical attention (3 ambulances, 2 of them, Advanced Medical Support and 1, Basic Life Support), use of reserved areas and chemical toilets in feed zones, departure and arrival.
  4. Promotional gifts from collaborating commercial firms.
  5. In case of finalizing the route in the time stipulated by the organization, all participants will receive their exclusive Finisher trophy gift from WEAREDLAX at the finish line.
  6. Food service at the end of the ride for all participants.
  7. Shower service in “LA NAU“ (Calle Londres - Palamós - Girona (17230).

Art 9. The collection of the Welcome Pack can only be made by the holder of the registration who will provide his/her ID or NIE, in addition to the current Cycling License (UCI-RFEC or FCC). Each participant must also provide the document that accredits him/her as an enrollee (which will be sent to the rider once the registration form has been filled out and credited). In case the holder cannot attend, failing that, an authorized person may do so by completing the document attached to this regulation and also attaching a photocopy of the ID or NIE, or license of the registered participant. In the case of minors under 16 years of age, the express authorization of an adult person will also be presented for the collection of the Welcome Pack.

Art 10. Registrations will be open from January 1st 2020. They will be carried out on the website:
Once the registration and payment are made, no cancellation payments will be returned.

Registration Fee January 1st-6th: Federated,: 39,90 euros. Not federated: 47,90 euros.

Registration Fee January 7th-February 7th: Federated,: 49,90 euros. Not federated: 57,90 euros.

Registration Fee from February 8th: Federated: 59,90 euros. Not federated, 67,90 euros.

The registration is totally PERSONAL and UNTRANSFERABLE, following the consequences derived from this illegal action who exercised a fraudulent use of it.

Art 11. Coverages
In case of accident or mishap, the ambulances arranged by the organization will try to provide as much coverage as possible, by going to the hospitals closest to the route if necessary. Healthcare is covered by the federative insurance and by the one-day insurance for non-federated. The material damages in bicycles, materials and damages to third parties ARE NOT COVERED. For the purposes of the event, the only insurances that are valid to participate in it are the UCI-RFEC or FCC federation license insurance, or the one-day insurance contracted to the FCC-organization.

3. Weekend Schedule:

Art 12.

Saturday, 2nd May 2020

From 4:00 pm to 08:00 pm Pick-up Welcome Pack (number, information of interest and promotional material).
Location: LA NAU, Calle Londres (entre Carrer d’Aragó and Carrer de la Provença.) Palamós.
At 06:00 pm Reception to the participants in the Briefing of the Gran Fondo.
All registered riders will have wardrobe service completely free.
The Expo or Rider´s Fairwill also take place in this same time slot and in the indicated location. It will have the presence of collaborating firms of the event in all types of topics (tourism promotion, sports equipment, supplementation and healthy eating).
We will also have activities aimed at all the companions that want to participate (Spinning, and Skills Circuit for the youngest).
Art 13.

Sunday, 3rd May 2020

From 6:00 to 7:30 h Pick-up Welcome Pack (number, information of interest and promotional material).
Location: LA NAU, Calle Londres (entre Carrer d’Aragó y Carrer de la Provença.) Palamós.
From 7:00 am to 8:00 am
LA NAU, Calle Londres (entre Carrer d’Aragó y Carrer de la Provença.) Palamós.
8:00 am
Official departure of the WEAREDLAX - GRAN FONDO DAVID DE LA CRUZ for its three routes.
Location: Passeig del Mar, 45 - Palamós - Girona (17230)

4. Feed Zones and Mountain Passes

Art 14. The WEAREDLAX will have a total of 6 feed zones in all its 3 routes. All refreshments will be liquid and solid.

Short Route

Short Route Feed Zones:

Corçà Km.38
Peratallada Km.68

Mirador Fornells i Aiguablava


Short Route Mountain Passes:

Son Rich Km.93
Aigua Xelida Km.99

Medium Route

Medium Route Feed Zones:

Fornells Km.72
Peratallada Km.117

Mirador Fornells i Aiguablava


Medium Route Mountain Passes:

Els Àngels Km.54
Santa Pellaia Km.90
Son Rich Km.144

Aigua Xelida




Long-Gran Fondo Route

Long-Gran Fondo Route Feed Zones:

Corçà Km.32
Fornells Km.71
Mirador de la Font de Vallpressona Km.107
Peratallada Km.167

Mirador Fornells i Aiguablava


Long-Gran Fondo Route Mountain Passes:

Els Àngels Km.54
Sant Grau 71
Romanyà Km.134

La Ganga


Son Rich


5. Time Cut Controls

Art 15. For reasons of security and control of the GRAN FONDO, the organization has established some times to delimit the times of passage of the participants. Once these times have been exceeded at the indicated point, the participant will be “out of the march” and must leave it by completing the route, if desired, on their own. In this way and based on the regulation, the participant will not be eligible for the Finisher prize for not having completed or completed the march in the maximum times established by the organization. They will not appear in the final list of times either. The arrival time limit is established for the last participant in Palamós at 7:00 pm. At this time the arrival control will be closed and the tour will be finished. The places and times of closing of control are the following:

  1. Km 37,7 – Feed Zone Corça – Time cut: 9:30 h.
  1. Km 73 – Feed Zone Fornells/Quart – Time cut: 11:00 h.
  1. Km 107 – Feed Zone Ctra Sant Feliu – Time cut: 13:00 h.
  1. Km 136 – Feed Zone Romanyà de la Selva – Time cut: 14:30 h.
  1. Km 169 – Feed Zone Peratallada – Time cut: 16:00 h.
  1. Km 195 – Feed Zone Mirador de Fornells – Time cut:17.45 h

6. Acceptance of The Regulations and RGPD (General Data Protection Regulations)

Art 16. Information Protection Information Clause
The participants of the WEAREDLAX GRAN FONDO DAVID DE LA CRUZ ,upon formalizing this registration, give their consent so that the Club Ciclista Palafrugell, by itself or through third parties, treats your personal data automatically and with exclusively sports, promotional or commercial purposes. According to the established in the current regulations on data protection at national and European level, however, the participant may exercise their rights of access, rectification and deletion of their data, as well as the rights of limitation and opposition to their treatment. To do so, you must request it in writing and enclosing a copy of your ID at the social address of the Club Ciclista Palafrugell, Calle Tarongeta, 149, Palafrugell, PC 17200 (Girona).

Likewise, the Club Ciclista Palafrugell and the WEAREDLAX GRAN FONDO DAVID DE LA CRUZ are authorized to the cession and use of all the graphic material and data derived from the march without time limitation: photographs of the participant, videos in support of the event and television summaries of it, name and surnames, lists and classifications, promotional material and posters, mentions and publications in social networks. The inscription in this cycling event implies the total acceptance of this Regulation.

Palamós, 1st January 2020.




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